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Simple ways to save water


 Around The House:

  1. Fill Bathtub Halfway or Less
  2. Fix Leaks
  3. Install Aerators
  4. Install High-Efficiency Toilets
  5. Recycle Indoor Water and Irrigate Your Garden
  6. Take 5-Minute Showers
  7. Turn off Water When Brushing Teeth, Shaving
  8. Wash Full Loads of Clothes and Dishes

 Around The Yard:

  1. Use Water-wise Plants
  2. Install Drip Irrigation & Add a Smart Controller
  3. Reimagine Your Yard
  4. Use Broom to Clean Outdoor Areas
  5. Use Drought-Resistant Tress, Plants
  6. Set Mower Blades to 3"
  7. Adjust Sprinkler Heads & Fix Leaks
  8. Use Mulch

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