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MUNICIPAL SERVICES REVIEW (MSR) - Approved December 07, 2022

Municipal Services Reviews (MSRs) are designed to equip LAFCO with relevant information and data necessary for the Commission to make informed decisions on SOIs. The CKH Act, however, gives LAFCO broad discretion in deciding how to conduct MSRs, including geographic focus, scope of study, and the identification of alternatives for improving the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, accountability, and reliability of public services. The purpose of a MSR in general is to provide a comprehensive inventory and analysis of the services provided by local municipalities, service areas, and special districts. A MSR evaluates the structure and operation of the local municipalities, service areas, and special districts and discusses possible areas for improvement and coordination. While LAFCOs have no direct regulatory authority over cities and special districts, MSR’s provide information concerning the governance structures and efficiencies of service providers – and may also serve as the basis for subsequent LAFCO decisions. The MSR is intended to provide information and analysis to support a sphere of influence update. A written statement of the study’s determinations must be made in the following areas:

  1. Growth and population projections for the affected area
  2. Location and characteristics of any disadvantaged unincorporated communities within or continuous to the sphere of influence
  3. Present and planned capacity of public facilities, adequacy of public services, and infrastructure needs or deficiencies.
  4. Financial ability of the agency to provide services.
  5. Status of and opportunities for shared facilities
  6. Accountability for community service needs, including governmental structure and operational efficiencies.
  7. Any other matter related to effective or efficient service delivery, as required by Commission policy.

This MSR is organized according to these determinations listed above. Information regarding each of the above issue areas is provided in the attached document.

Municipal Services Review - Approved December, 07, 2022.pdf