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A Messgae From The President Of The DPMWD Board Of Directors

To the ratepayers of the Del Paso Manor Water District:

The Del Paso Manor Water District has submitted its responses to the Grand Jury investigation.  I encourage you to read our responses to these very serious findings and recommendations.  District Staff and your Board are committed to following through on the recommendations from the Grand Jury, including Brown Act compliance through clearly articulated agendas, addressing the drafted technical memorandum intended as an update to the 2009 Master Plan, and clearly presenting to the ratepayers the District’s water quality, delivery, and fire flow infrastructure improvement needs and the associated costs.  We have already begun work on these items.  Examples of this progress include hiring a new general manager, new legal counsel, the planned hiring of a new engineering firm, and immediate plans to improve District infrastructure to meet fire flow requirements in a cost-effective manner.  Additionally, your Board and staff have completed Brown Act training and Water Quality Notification training.

There is much more heavy lifting ahead to ensure the District meets its fundamental obligation to provide safe drinking water in accordance with California and Federal regulations and to maintain a reliable water supply for water consumption and fire protection.  Your Board and District staff are committed to meeting this obligation to you in a transparent and collaborative manner.  We are prepared and willing to do this heavy lifting, with your support.  Thank you.