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'Tis the Season for Your Sprinklers to Hibernate

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With the season’s shorter and cooler days, your sprinklers shouldn’t need to run until spring. Set your sprinkler timer to “off” and let Mother Nature do the watering.
Or, if the weather is dry for several weeks, check soil moisture and hand water, if needed. Here are some ways to check:

  • Use a moisture meter. Simply push the moisture meter into the soil six to eight inches deep and check the reading. Make sure to check a few different spots in your yard and your potted plants.
  • Do the screwdriver test. Stick an eight-inch screwdriver into the soil. If you can push it in more than three inches below the surface, you don’t need to water.
  • Dig down six to eight inches with a small shovel or trowel and grab a handful of soil. Roll the soil around in the palm of your hand. If the soil easily forms a ball in your hand, you don’t need to water.

You can learn more smart watering tips in the brief videos below:

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