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On November 4,2021, the Del Paso Manor Water District (hereinafter “the District” or “DPMWD”), along with myself, received the Grand Jury Report entitled “Del Paso Manor Water District Flooded with Public Safety Dangers.” Pursuant to California Penal Code sections 933 and 933.05, the Grand Jury requested that the District, along with myself, each respond to the Grand Jury’s findings and recommendations. 

On November 2,2021, DPMWD requested an extension of time to respond, which your Honor graciously allowed. DPMWD was required to provide a response by February 4, 2022, and I was to separately respond. 

I thank the Court and the Grand Jury for its work. This serves as my response, which consists of an Introduction, and replies to each Finding and Recommendation. Please note, I was not a member of the DPMWD Board of Directors during the period of time for which much of the Grand Jury investigation and subsequent Findings and Recommendations are targeted. As such, any responses will be limited to the time for which I did serve on the Board, and will defer to the District response as appropriate. 

The following documents are my responses as the President of the Del Paso Manor Board of Directors to the Grand Jury. These are respectfully submitted with full transparency and complete integrity.

2022-02-02--FINAL--Board President Response to Grand Jury.pdf