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We are proud to present our annual water quality report covering the period between January 1 and December 31, 2021.

Our exceptional staff continues to work hard every day—at all hours—to deliver the highest-quality drinking water without interruption. During the last half of the year and concluding in early 2022, we aggressively cured all the maintenance issues that had been found in a complete review of the system during the summer of 2021. None of them had caused any reduction in water quality delivered to you as demonstrated and confirmed by the regular testing performed. We are also improving customer outreach, education, and participation by adding one regular meeting a month for increased notice and transparency, while improving our Web site and other communications to you. As we proceed to make system upgrades in the most cost-effective way, the payoff will be continued reliable, high-quality tap water delivered to you and your family.

2021 Consumer Confidence Report.pdf